Trimbakeshwar Temple


How to reach trimbakeshwar from Nashik

Reach Trimbakeshwar from Nashik via bus.

Nashik to Trimbakeshwar distance is about 27 km from Nashik Central bus station.

It takes 45 minutes to reach Trimbakeshwar.

There are several MSRTC buses from New CBS,

with a time interval of approximately 30 minutes. From early in the morning to late at night.

They cost cheaper compared to other sources.


Some long-distance buses towards Mumbai (Thane, Boisar, Virar) and Gujarat (Surat, Vapi, Valsad) also pass through Trimbakeshwar. So there are plenty of buses available.

Taxis and cabs are also available from New CBS.


Private taxis like ola, uber are available from Satpur and CBS locations.


Reach Trimbakeshwar from Nashik Airport


The distance between Nashik Airport, Ozar, and Trimbakeshwar is about 51 km to 55 km.


You can book a taxi from Nashik airport to Trimbakeshwar. Local and private taxis are available from Nashik Airport.


Reach via the train station

Nashik Road railway station is about 38 km away from trimbakeshwar

There are city buses from Route Nashik Road to CBS

Also, direct buses from Nashik Road to Trimbakeshwar are available.

Taxis and auto-rickshaws available outside the station



Hotels and rooms in trimbakeshwari


Trimbakeshwar Temple is surrounded by Trimbak village,

Pandits of Trimbakeshwar Temple offered a place to stay

You can book pandit Ji for various pooja from Trimbakeshwar Purohit Website

Types of Pooja done at premises of Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple


There is a swami samarth temple near trimbakeshwar they have well-equipped rooms at a very affordable price and a beautiful atmosphere in the area you will love to stay

There are many hotels near Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple at affordable price, check here

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